Experience is the root of player growth in Aetheria, and cause players to level up by defeating various enemies with certain weapons. Each enemy defeated will lend the player a certain amount of skill, and different enemies will appear depending on the skills a player has. Experience also defines Classes: when a player gains enough Experience in certain categories, they will transform into a certain class.


Class Requirement
Swordsman 50 Melee XP
Archer 50 Ranged XP
Caster 50 Magic XP
Rogue 50 Stealth XP
Grenadier 50 Explosives XP
Runner 50 Speed XP
Tank 50 Armor XP
Cleric 50 Boosting XP

It requires 500 XP to reach Level 2 for a class, at which point the player's class will upgrade and they will gain access to new gear through the Workbench Mk. II.

Weapons and XPEdit

Weapon Type of XP Other Info
Broadswords Melee
Bows Ranged
Guns Ranged
Staffs Magic
Daggers Stealth
Grenades Explosives
Bombs Explosives
Boomerangs Speed
Maces Armor
Wands Boosting



XP Given